DeBeque Canyon Wine Club

There is no cost to join the DeBeque Canyon Winery Wine Club.  You must be 21 years of age.  Wine shipments must be allowed by the state in which you reside.  We currently ship to: AK, CA, CO, FL, IA, MO, NC, Wash DC.  On site shipments are also permitted for GA, KS and RI.

Wine Club shipments are sent to members 2-3 times per year, dependent on availability of wines and weather conditions conducive to transit.  (Wine is not shipped in extreme cold or hot weather due to potential damage to the wine.)

A minimum of three bottles is shipped, via Fed Ex.  6 and 12 bottle shipments are also available.  Shipments can be made to a residence, a business or a Fed Ex Store as an option for delivery.

To join the Wine Club, complete the form below and e-mail the information to [email protected]

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We can ship wine to these states:
North Carolina
Rhode Island*
Washington DC
* Requires on-site purchase or signing the guest book.

Wine Club Privileges

  • Wine Club members receive a 3-bottle shipment approximately every three months. Wines include new release as they become available complete with harvest and fermentation data and Bennett’s winemaker tasting notes.
  • Members receive 15% discount on wine purchases including current vintages and new releases as they become available.
  • 15% discount applies to wine purchased at the Palisade Tasting Room.
  • Each shipment ranges in price from $45-60, plus shipping and handling. Members can pick up their wine at the Palisade Tasting Room if picked up within 30 days and we receive notification prior to shipping.
  • After your first shipment, you may cancel your membership after 1 year.

Wine shipments are charged to your credit card, which includes the price of the wine, the shipper package, sales tax, plus the shipping cost (FedEx). When we receive your order for wine, we email you an updated invoice with these additional costs itemized.

Packaging: Shipper packages (not including tax, which is added depending upon the location of the buyer):
2 bottle: $2.75 – 3 bottle: $3.50 – 4-6 bottle: $5:00 – 12 bottle (case): $6.50