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DeBeque Canyon is a name that conveys western hospitality, beautiful vistas and good wine. The winery was founded in August, 1997 by grape grower Bennett Price and his wife, Davy, following years of designing and establishing vineyards in Colorado for other wineries and growers. The winery is a natural extension of the Price’s long time involvement in the industry, and especially their interest in wine making.

DeBeque Canyon Winery is named for the lengthy canyon through which the Colorado River flows from the mountains into the broad Grand Valley of western Colorado. A growing season of warm days and cool nights help create the intensity of flavors which delight residents and the many visitors who travel through this green oasis in the west.
Join us for a sample of old-fashioned western hospitality and excellent wines. Located on the main corridor into Palisade.

The winery is well known for full-flavored, oak-aged wines, especially Bordeaux and Rhone varietals as well as premium white wines and rich blended Ports.